Congressmen Kevin McCarthy, Bryan Steil, Barry Loudermilk aka The Committee on House Administration, Subcommittee on Oversight
Congressman Barry Loudermilk's list of subpoena targets for his House Admin, Subcommittee on Oversight investigation into the January 6, 2021 Coup…
Nancy Pelosi "Optics" was Code for Leaving the US Capitol Unprotected, to Allow Federal Agent-Provacateurs to Divert the Nation from an Illegaly…
The Establishment Coup must be corrected.
FINALLY!!! DEEP STATE BODY CHECK BEGINS?! Watch now (5 sec) | “Mr. Speaker today we’re putting the deep state on notice, we’re coming for you!” Deep State Marauders on @Weaponization Committee…
118th Congress Must Repel KGB-Inspired CCP Ideological Subversion of the United StatesWatch now (6 min) | Congress must Identify the Threats and Repel them!
Examples of genocidal terrorism by the members of the organizations in America that are charged with protecting the country from terrrorism. The…
Cancel Kevin!
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Deep State Marauder