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Ivan's Background 

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Ivan E. Raiklin, former Green Beret and Constitutional Attorney Served 25 years in the DOD, Intel and Special Operations Communities and DTRA as an enlisted, officer, civilian, contractor on active duty, reserves and national guard across 5 states: IA, NY, MA, MS, TX and 5 continents in five languages (Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French, English-naturally). Ivan served as a Green Beret Commander countering ISIS in the Middle East, Taliban in Afghanistin, MS-13 in Central America, countering Russian aggression as a military diplomat in the Republic of Georgia. 

Most recently he was an instructor at the Joint Military Intelligence Training Center teaching junior thru senior level professionals of the US Intelligence community and international partners about intelligence analysis, national security and multinational operations. 

After observing the illegally certified 2020 election, he began using his skills and expertise to investigate this constitutional violation and all Federal Government and State Actors involved. Researching their wanton disregard for the constitution over the course of the last 6 years including their illegal politically motivated spying of a President, Retired Army General Michael T. Flynn and former Naval Officer Carter Page. 

 Because of several retweets by a sitting President, and the Federal Government's blind hatred of that President--at the expense of the US Constitution--Ivan has faced at least ten investigations by the DHS, DOD, FBI, DIA, US Army, Office of the Secretary of Defense, US Army Reserves, at least two Contract companies and the J6 coverup committee for his legal analysis of remedying the illegally certified 2020 election in his off duty time in his personal capacity, while fearlessly exercising his First Amendment right. His most well known analysis was the #PenceCard analysis which exposed Mike Pence's Unconstitutional behavior on December 23. And also his investigation of the January 6 Fedsurrection and the Federal Government's role in its creation.

Ivan has been massively censored for that legal analysis by CCP-inspired/ leveraged/(likely)captured Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Lincoln-In. Also, he has been ruthlessly defamed by Reuters (official Fact checker of Tweeter whose CEO serves on the Pfizer board), NY Times, Washington Post, Raw Story, Huffington Post for exercising his 1A while off duty in his personal capacity. Amidst all this commotion, Ivan was nonetheless given the highest performance evaluation along with a substantive raise in his role as a National Security expert for his superlative performance and selected for battalion command in the US Army Reserve.

However, due to the abject institutionally mandated Constitutional violations directed from the Chinese Communist Party's Ambassador to the US, Biden, and his illegitimate regime at the very top of the DOD, Ivan declined and retired from the military, not wanting to have anything to do with the forced CCP-inspired constitutional violations of his fellow brothers and sisters and arms, instead opting to exit to defend their rights in a more substantive manner from the outside. Furthermore, when the Reuters article came out, Bill Priestap former FBI Chief of Counter-Intelligence-Division (CID) probably deployed his nephew to investigate Ivan, and as a result he has been politically persecuted in the same fashion as President Trump and General Flynn with the loss of over $2 million in contracts.

One key point to understand why Ivan is so passionately engaged in the fight to protect our Constitution is because his father Ernest, a survivor of the 900 day blockade by the Nazi's while growing up in Soviet Russia, had been persecuted by the Communist Soviet regime, of which Ernest fled to the US to avoid. Ivan knows the negative impacts of communist corruption and has now retired and is fully activated to focus on crushing the coup-crew and their seemingly never ending corruption.

Combining his background as a Green Beret Commander and Constitutional Lawyer he is able to provide unconventional strategic solutions, come up with an operational plan necessary to implement the strategic objectives, but in a manner that can be implemented via tactical execution. The best term to describe Ivan is “America’s Lawffensive Coordinator” and why his new moniker is Ivan #DeepStateMarauder Raiklin.

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